Residential Property; East Sussex

Size: Three properties total 250 SQM  Time scale: 6 Months

The Manor

Size 128 SQM

Initially this residential project began with a brief to refurbish a kitchen and separate pantry into one large country kitchen.  With views over the Ashdown Forest, our client proposed the idea of replacing the dated ‘lean to’ conservatory with a traditional orangery – See photos above.  One job led to another and Calmak repainted a handful of rooms in the Manor, restored the timber beams and transformed a dated house into a welcoming country home.  We have recently finished the bathroom and master bedroom refurbishment on the first floor – The freestanding roll top bath sits in front of the window overlooking the fields of East Sussex.

The Barn

With the success of the kitchen refurbishment in the Manor, our client asked us to strip out the kitchen in another property; The Barn.  We installed a traditional kitchen completed with high spec appliances and modern Quartz worktop to add a touch of luxury to the open plan space.  Calmak have recently finished the bathroom refurbishment in this property as well.

The Piggery

Size 100 SQM

Our brief was to convert a run down, derelict farmyard building into an office.  Calmak transformed the Piggery into a modern workable space complete with spotlighting, an exposed concrete floor and painted in a dark coloured designer emulsion to add atmosphere to the room.  So that the office was in-keeping with the rest of the properties, Calmak left the original timber beams in place.